A Lazy Breakfast And The Big Blog Meeting

I hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday morning. Perhaps a cup of tea, croissants and a read of the Sunday paper. Maybe a catch-up of your favourite weekly blog reads or getting ready to see family.

This morning is definitely a relaxing one here at the Finca.  We’ve had a busy few weeks and it’s time to enjoy the sunshine and wind down a little.

relaxing cat

This evening, after we have finished going out and about, we will be conducting our most serious and very important big blog meeting.  I have so many ideas about future collaborations, posts and features that it is time to sit down properly, put everything down on paper and think about the sort of things that The Dorset Finca should be about.


There are lots of things that I enjoy taking photos of and writing about, but what would you like to see on here? Which bits do you enjoy most or would like to see more of?

Please don’t leave me with the opinion of this one… otherwise it will all be about digging holes, favourite nap time places and the best ways to hide chewy toys!

Brinkley the lakeland

yum… shoes

Have a great Sunday x


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