Beautiful Handmade Accessories For Your Dog

Brinks is ready to go out on the town. Fanfare please…. !!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I have been busily researching collars and leads in time for our debut into the big, wide world.

Up until now, we have been practising with a very lightweight puppy collar and lead. They have both stood up to the occasional nibble, being dragged around the house and sometimes even being covered in whatever was in the Kong! Soon, Brinkley will be ready to move into the big boy’s world of smart collars and leads and we can’t wait to sport one of these stunning handmade versions created by the very talented Emma of Sweetpea and Boo.

liberty fabric collar sweetpea and boo

… collar in Liberty print fabric …

grey star collar sweetpea and boo

… grey star collar …

With a background in Interior Design and a complete passion for dogs, Emma decided to fuse the two together and start a business creating quality, handmade collars, leads and other accessories for both dogs and cats.

What really struck me about Emma’s approach is her utter attention to detail and design. I love the way that you can get matching collars and leads, as well as choose the fastenings that you would prefer. Currently Brinks is in a ‘snap’ fastening as it is easy for us to take his collar off and on. However, when he is older, we will probably move onto a more traditional buckle fastening.  Using Emma’s service, we will be able to have collars with both options and not only that, but leads, bows and bandanas to match!

harris tweed collar sweetpea and boo

… harris tweed collar – a new fabric for 2015 …

harris tweed lead sweetpea and boo

… harris tweed lead …

Another reason why I love Emma’s creations, is that you can order the leads in various lengths. Brinks is not going to be the biggest of dogs and both Mr D-F and myself are very tall. I don’t fancy walking stooped over with a generic one metre length lead and luckily, I can order one from Sweetpea and Boo, which will be long enough for us to walk upright. Hurrah!

harris tweed bow sweetpea and boo

If you would like to see more of Emma’s beautiful creations, check these out:

I’m off to decide between the grey star collar or the blue/grey harris tweed. Hmmm…. Decisions, decisions!

Which is your favourite?


Photography by Sweetpea and Boo. 



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