Colour Your Kindle With A Crochet Cover

I never thought that I would be a Kindle lover. Our bookshelves, stuffed with old favourites, are pretty much my favourite thing in the entire house. I couldn’t imagine moving away from a physical book with its distinctive smell and turned down page corners, reminding me of the places I paused the last time I read it.

However, much to my surprise, I am in love with my Kindle. One hundred percent. It’s light. It’s convenient…

…and best of all, I can instantaneously get the book that I want to read next. Just by pushing one button – ‘buy now’. Dangerous stuff!

With the onset of summer, I felt that my Kindle needed to have a birthday and the best gift that I could think of, was to crochet it some jazzy sleeves in all sorts of zany, tropical colours.

crochet kindle sleeve close up

The colours that I chose for this one were from the Stylecraft Special DK range. They are called Sherbet and Magenta.

There are lots of stunning crochet cover patterns available and I was tempted to try out many of them. However, I had a particular design in my head, which I couldn’t find written as a pattern so I resorted to making it up as I went along.

I made sure that my foundation chain wasn’t too long, so that the sleeve would be snug once finished and I created it as a long rectangle, with the two sides to be joined together at the end.

crochet kindle sleeve

The main body of the sleeve was created with half treble stitches (UK terms) in the Magenta colour. Near to the top of the sleeve I added in one row of Sherbet, still in half trebles before returning to the Magenta for one last row. I finished off the top with a row of bobble stitch in Sherbet.

Et voila!

crochet kindle sleeve bobble stitch

It was a pretty quick project and has left me and my Kindle feeling cheery. I’ve already started another sleeve in one of my favourite Stylecraft colours – Pomegranate – but this time, with a completely different design.

…and after that? What colour combinations and patterns should I try next?

Have a great day x


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