Paleo Banana Bread Discovery

With having limited time due to the arrival of Brinks, our diet has definitely suffered. In the days before the squealing puppy, I would ensure that we attempted (as often as possible) to cook food and snacks that contained more whole foods than those of the processed variety.  Recently, it’s been more a case of ‘grab what’s easiest and requires little or no washing up’.

As the hound has started to settle into a routine and I can be in the kitchen without any dramatic howling ensuing, I decided to do some baking. I was keen for Mr D-F to take some slightly healthier snacks into work to give him a mid-afternoon energy boost.

paleo banana bread slice

A very good friend, and Paleo advocate, recommended this amazing Paleo banana bread.  Naturally sweet enough to make you feel that you are actually eating a piece of cake but super healthy in comparison.  No sugar, grain free and quick to cobble together.

The recipe that he sent me, was this one from the Civilized Caveman Cooking blog.

paleo banana bread close up

I was surprised at the consistency of the batter once it was mixed and ready to be poured into the loaf tin.  In fact, it was so runny that I slopped a good chunk over the side of the tin before I had even started. Ooops!

Surely this runny batter wouldn’t come together to make a cut-able loaf cake like a conventional lemon drizzle?

In fact, my initial worries were proved utterly wrong.  The mixture rose quickly and took about 55 minutes at 180 C. The skewer came out clean and once cooled, the cake cut like any other.

The difference was that this Paleo banana bread was light, airy and moist.  It doesn’t leave you with a heavy feeling and I had no worries about packing Mr D-F with a good few slices.

wrapped up lunchbox banana bread

I am desperate to try out some more ‘healthy’ snacks and treats.  This recipe showed me that cake doesn’t have to be loaded up with sugar for it to taste just as good.

Do you have any suggestions as to what I can try next? All I can come up with is cheese straws… hmmm… I love cheese straws. Probably not too healthy though, hey?!

See you soon x


6 thoughts on “Paleo Banana Bread Discovery

    1. I had to get my coconut flour from amazon, quite expensive but worth it! I have coconut oil in the cupboard but I used regular butter in the mixture instead of the suggested butter – I think it came out ok in the end! 🙂

      1. I keep thinking I need to investigate coconut oil as I am hearing so many good things about how good it is for us! I like recipes like this that are “forgiving” if we substitute one thing for another.

      2. It is wonderful stuff and a teaspoon with rice makes the most amazing coconut rice. Yum!

  1. We’ve been making lots of sugar and gluten free recipes – and feeling much better for it! Loads of brilliant recipes in Deliciously Ella

    1. It’s amazing how much better you can feel with less sugar in your diet. Thank you for the tip, I’ll check out Deliciously Ella.


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