Perfect Patio Plant | Salvia Hot Lips

I have decided to dedicate an entire post to this fantastic plant as it has totally won me over with its resilient nature, beautiful soft-looking foliage and vibrant flowers.

This particular salvia was bought for me as a present and at the time, I didn’t have a suitable place in the flowerbeds in order to show it off properly. It occurred to me that as we were in the middle of redesigning our outside sitting space, I could pot it up and have it as a patio plant to add softness to the edges of the fenced area.

salvia hot lips patio plant 95kB

The salvia has been in its large pot for about a month, it has already doubled in size and is producing flowers of the most incredible pink and red.  It gets the sun for the majority of the day but it enjoys the shelter of having the fence as a backdrop. During the winter, if harsh frosts are expected, I’ll put a section of fleece over it just to be safe.

salvia hot lips flowers 123kB

The lip-shaped flowers can be vivid pink, bright red or even two-toned with red and white. The foliage has a slight blackcurrant smell when you brush past it, which makes it even more perfect for a place where there are a lot of people moving around nearby…

… and because it is in a pot, I can move it about and create new interest points on the patio.

salvia hot lips in partial shade

Above is a photo of the flowers in partial shade… still pretty incredible, aren’t they?!

So this lovely new plant discovery got me thinking. What other exciting plants could I bring into the patio mix? I’d love to know your thoughts.

Have a great day x


4 thoughts on “Perfect Patio Plant | Salvia Hot Lips

  1. How pretty – this is a new one to me! We have a very sheltered garden in England which we took over when we bought the house last September. We’re just filling in gaps so I’m going to look out for this when we get back! Hope your little pup is doing well and not digging up all your planting!

    1. It is great for beds but bushes out quickly so you may need a good sized gap. Brinks hasn’t started digging yet but is trying to put everything in his mouth! Argh!

      1. I had one too as a present from the same person and I love it!! The colour is beautiful and it is so dainty. It has bushed out a lot just in a few weeks. Fantastic post. X x

      2. Thank you for your lovely comment. It’s such a great present – so a big thank you to our friend H!!


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