He's Here…

‘Of course I’ll be able to blog when we get the puppy,’ I thought. Surely there would be breaks when I could take pictures, edit them, write something and get all the social media synched up at the same time?

A doddle.

Thank you to all of you doggy people who are now chuckling at my ignorance. By all means, chuckle away. I snigger at myself that I even imagined, that with loo trips every half hour, 4 feeds a day and some serious sleep deprivation getting in the mix that I would find the time to write something decent.

the finca hound at 9 weeks 191kB

… meet the finca hound – Brinkley …

It’s been a week since the Brinks arrived in our life. We’ve got a pretty sweet routine going on now. He has a little sleep in his crate while I get things done, then we have a play, do some training or take a trip out in the car (luckily, now without the opera singing)!

I can’t promise that my blogging schedule will be back to normal without any hiccups, but I’m starting this week with the best of intentions…

I think I’ll leave you with this today and go snuggle my cuddly hound… Have a great Sunday x


8 thoughts on “He's Here…

    1. Thank you! He is learning quickly and we love him to bits. I must say though, I am looking forward to the moment when my life is not ruled by the 30 minute ‘loo-trip’ alarm! 🙂


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