Fabric Dog Crate Cover DIY

The final countdown has begun.

The Hound of the Finca will soon be upon us and it’s time to make things cosy.  We’ve decided to go with a crate option for his initial bed, mainly as a retreat away from the cat if he decides to get a little too friendly. Hmm.

We’ve put in some snuggly vet bed in the bottom and we wanted him to get a ‘den’ feel about his new bed. After all, the surroundings will all be very new, very strange and he may just want to sit somewhere out of sight while he ponders the situation. A soft fabric crate cover was, without question, the way to go.

Gosh, there are some beautiful ones online to buy… I was click click clicking away – ooh I like the one with the grey spots and then…

I’m sorry, how many pounds will that be exactly?

Those prices would keep us in puppy treats for about five years. So I thought I’d have a go at making one myself.

fabric dog crate cover DIY 115kb

I had completely no idea where to start. I am not a proficient sew-er by any means, but I’m not afraid to give something a go, especially if I have instructions to follow.

Luckily, I found the best fabric dog crate cover DIY ever. Do you know what was even better? The lovely Jessie from Dimplicity Crafty Blog said that I could post a link to the instructions here.  By following Jessie’s lead, the whole process is almost foolproof… I mean… I managed it. Yes siree…

Knowing that I often need a couple of tries at something to iron out my mistakes, I chose some fabric offcuts that I had lying around. I chose the outside of the cover to be all the same colour, a sort of blue tweed affair. Then I chose two contrasting patterned fabrics for the underneath of the front, back and sides.

DIY fabric dog crate cover side view 115kB

The cutting, ironing and sewing probably took me most of the day, but I was continually having to measure, check and re-design as I went along. This was due to my crate being slightly bigger than the one in Jessie’s post.

You can probably see from the picture that I haven’t sewn the sides of the ‘flap’ sections together, so that we can roll them up, depending on which door the puppy will be using.

Also, Jessie included piping and buttons in her stunning design, which really finishes the whole thing off.

‘Do you like my first attempt?’ I asked Mr D-F when he came home. ‘Don’t worry, I plan to buy some proper fabric and try it again.’

…and of course he answered, ‘I don’t want any different fabric. I like that one.’

Before he threatened to hold his breath, I gave in. Luckily I didn’t make up my practise in mustard yellow. I don’t think I could live with that for long!

Have a great day x



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