May | In the Garden

Our new arrival is only a week away and we’ve been making some dramatic preparations.  In amongst the raindrops, we have been trying to grab every possible moment outside in order to puppy proof the garden.

I am now best friends with the drill, saw and the all important bit of string tied to two canes (our line guide). The fence has been built, the gates have been put in place, new bits of trellis have been added and any gaps in the bottom of our old fence have been filled. He may well be a digger – best to be prepared!

clematis montana elizabeth 113kB

With all this time spent outside, you would think that I had noticed all the changes in the garden. However, it is surprising how blinkered you are when there is a job to be done and you are spending most of your day in ear defenders… oh how I rock those ear defenders…!

It was only today, when I stood with my cup of tea, surveying the almost-completed job, did I realise how much had changed in the garden.

The Clematis Montana Elizabeth is absolutely brimming with buds, many of which are just beginning to open. One of my favourite times of year is when this beauty does its thing.

salvia hot lips patio plant 104kBI’m so pleased with our homemade new fence… can you see it in the background of this picture?

Not only will it stop little hounds from digging up the neighbours vegetables, but it provides the perfect backdrop for patio plants such as this Salvia (Hot Lips), which was given to me by a very lovely friend. I’m very excited to see it’s vibrant red flowers later on in the year.

dorset cowslip 121kBThings are really happening on the wild flower bank too. The cowslip seedlings that I planted only a few weeks ago have blossomed on the warm, sunny slopes and are now fully-grown plants, each with a lovely stalk of yellow flowers.

What’s happening in your garden right now?

Have a lovely Sunday x



2 thoughts on “May | In the Garden

    1. Hee hee – I think you’re right! We were buying bedding plants today and I made Mr D-F google which ones were safe for dogs as I expect he’ll nibble a few!


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