A New Addition…

I’m caught between two extreme emotions. On one side, I am filled with excitement, joy and feel like whooping and on the other, I am suddenly feeling rather daunted by the enormity of the task ahead.

Yes, the Finca will be expanding… and I think it’ll shake us up in the best way imaginable. Except for the cat.

He’s not gonna love it!


stop motion dorset finca 107kB

Have you guessed yet?

Due to the new squiggly addition to the family, I’m going to have to put the Dorset’s Delicious Bits posts on hold for a couple of weeks, just until he’s had all of his vaccinations and then he’ll be joining me on my Dorset jaunts.

If you see us around, please come and say hi and give him a pat. I might even have some treats with me for you to feed him with and tell him what a good boy he is. 

Other than that slight change, I will be continuing to post, as normal. (Or as normal as I can be while trying to housetrain a tiny furry creature).

…and of course there will be photos. Many, many photos.

Have a great day x




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