Dorset's Delicious Bits | Sturminster Mill

When the sun is out, there’s nothing quite like a waterside setting to make you feel relaxed and on holiday. We toyed with the idea of loading up the little old car ‘Rusty’ and heading on down to the coast, with the nervous anticipation of whether or not we would actually make it up the steep cliffs and safely into the carpark.

It then occurred to us that we had a watery view that was so much closer and so much less likely to cause us to have to phone the RAC before the day was out…

…and that settled it… we decided upon taking a trip to Sturminster Mill.

view through trees Sturminster Mill Dorset 142kB

… view through the ivy …

There is a great mix of things to do at Sturminster Mill.  At certain times, the mill is open for you to explore the working machinery and even buy flour, there are peaceful places to sit and just watch the river and its goings on  and then there is the ‘dice with death’ bridge (or so I have now named it).

The mill wasn’t open when we arrived, but you can find more information on opening times and special events at the Sturminster Newton Museum and Mill Society website, here. I believe there is even a cream tea afternoon coming up soon!

Sturminster Newton Mill Dorset 137kB

… Sturminster Mill …

We would have to come back another day to get the full guided tour, but on this trip, we were happy enough to walk around the various paths and sit for a few moments on the benches, which gave a great view over the river.

River Stour at Sturminster Newton 171kB

… the River Stour, calm and peaceful …

Mr D-F wandered off at one point and I had felt certain that he was floating his way down to Durweston. However, I finally caught sight of him on the other side of a small bridge. Yes the ‘dice with death’ bridge. Although perfectly safe, I’m sure, the bridge resembled (in my terrified mind) lots of small twigs that had been stuck together with prit stick. In order to reach Mr D-F, I had to go over the bridge… and what’s more, it traversed the scariest part of the river by the mill. The bit where it went all fast and churny and white.

The calm, very grown-up walkers were surprised to see a fully grown adult lady squeal with fear crossing this bridge and I’m sure raised their eyebrows when they saw her having to come back over the bridge, squealing once more.

However, I lived to tell the tale and it was enormous fun to stand above the very fast-flowing, angry-looking water and I felt proud of myself for being so… umm… brave.

swimming prohibited sign 164kB

… yes – you wouldn’t get me near that scary water in my swimmers …

Sturminster Mill provided a great morning out, especially with the sun shining.  I would highly recommend it as a place on your sight-seeing list.

Would you dare to cross the bridge?!

Have a great weekend x


8 thoughts on “Dorset's Delicious Bits | Sturminster Mill

  1. It was very interesting to see these pictures, my father’s family come from Sturminster Newton and I have driven across the old bridge over the Stour many times (not the dice with death bridge!).

    1. I am always amazed at how that bridge manages to cope with all the cars, lorries and tractors as well as so much water running underneath. I have see the river so high at times it has come up to the top of the arches!


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