Houseplant Focus | Gerbera

Unless you have had a bit of experience, are particularly green-fingered or have a very relaxed attitude, choosing a houseplant for a particular situation in the home can seem like a daunting task.

‘Will it get enough light?’ ‘Do I have to care for it a lot?’ ‘Will it actually do something?’

These are questions I often get posed when being asked to recommend a houseplant for someone.

Today I thought I’d focus on the Gerbera. I was given one for my birthday last month and while I have had lots of experience using them in floristry, as cut flowers, I have never had to care for one as a houseplant before…

…and boy, is it a great little plant!

houseplant gerbera yellow flowers 81kB

In the time that I’ve had this houseplant, it has had at least six blooms and there are lots more on the way. These are the conditions that I have kept it in:

  • On a window ledge facing East
  • Watering every three days (or when the greenery starts to droop – this is very obvious and easy to spot)
  • Cutting back the flower heads as they begin to fade
  • I plan to feed it with a small amount of houseplant fertiliser once a month (affiliate link)

young gerbera flowers 124kB

It’s also a good idea to allow air to circulate around the leaves so that it discourages any mould or disease. When I spot any old leaves turning brown (usually right down at the soil level) I take these out and put them in the compost. Decaying old leaves are always a great place for mould and bacteria to start a party.

yellow gerbera flowers 73 kB

I have been so impressed with this little ray of sunshine and in my opinion, the Gerbera gets a great big thumbs up for being a cheerful and hassle-free houseplant.

To summarise my findings:

  • Easy to care for – not a fussy plant!
  • Needs regular watering but gives clear signals when this is needed
  • Produces lots of flowers and interest
  • Non toxic to cats and dogs – hurrah!

Will you find a place on your sill for a Gerbera? Or perhaps you have something even more exciting? Do tell…

Have a great day x



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