Dorset's Delicious Bits | Working Glass Jewellery

I know I get to have lots of treats and fun times being the author of The Dorset Finca, but this was an especially fantastic treat! This week, I was welcomed into the studio of Nina Parker who is the creative genius behind Working Glass Jewellery.

Not only was I supplied with a cup of tea (always a winner) but my morning with Nina combined my favourite things on the earth… beautiful jewellery, delicious food and the most adorable dog ever.

nina parker dorset jewellery work station 103kB

… a scattering of glittery treasure in the studio …

I have long been an admirer of Nina’s creations and on many occasions, Mr D-F has been sent off, pre-birthday or Christmas, to one of Nina’s many local stockists with a picture of a necklace or bracelet that I really would like and would change my life so much if only I could have that piece of joy adorning my person!

So on the morning of my visit, while I was entertained with tea and cheese scones (which were AMAZING), we chatted about how Nina first started designing and creating jewellery.  I was amazed to hear about her diverse past, including the fascinating work that she undertook when she worked as a cartographer. After hearing that she produced plans for the British Museum, Natural History Museum and the Brighton Pavillion, amongst others, it was clear to see that she has a clear artistic streak and incredible eye for detail.

After re-discovering her grandmother’s button box and being captivated by the different shapes and colours, Nina took an opportunity to steer her creative talent in another direction.  What I especially love about the story she told me, was that it only took a few people to comment on some of her earliest pieces, before her jewellery was asked to be featured in local gallery exhibitions where it became an instant success!

nina parker spring necklace 90kB

 … necklace ~ part of Nina’s new springtime range …

You can’t help but be captured by the quality of the colour produced by the carefully-sourced glass beads. Each piece of jewellery is original, unique and Nina’s designs reflect the changing seasons. They are classically timeless and I could happily wear every one!

working glass jewellery by nina parker 90kB

 … I love the hints of deep jewel tones in these bracelets …

Not only are Nina’s pieces on sale in a wide range of galleries from the Isle of Wight to Lancashire but she also has designed a stunning website.  The site explains a little more about Nina’s journey to discover her love for jewellery and also hosts her popular online shop.  Many of the items displayed are different to those available at stockists and are perfect for those of us a little too far away from civilisation to go out shopping often.

I really recommend having a look – mainly because the site is so pretty! (I promise I’m not getting a commission)!

Although my eyes were permanently being distracted by pretty bird earrings or jewel-toned necklaces, trays of beads or silver findings, there was another major pull for my attention.  Maisie, the studio Cocker Spaniel, is already quite a famous Dorset dog.  Not only does she have eyes that will melt even the most ice-pick of hearts, she has her own Twitter account! Her online bio states that she is the studio manager and by the way that she captivated our attention – I can well believe it!

Maisie cocker spaniel

 … Maisie the Cocker Spaniel …

 The exceptional quality of Nina’s designs has spread quickly through social media and via word of mouth. If you would like, you can check out her Facebook page here and her Twitter page here.

I have my eye on a pretty silver chain with a little flower (are you reading Mr D-F? Don’t worry, I’ll show you which one I mean later)! 

Which one will be your favourite I wonder? Have a great day x


4 thoughts on “Dorset's Delicious Bits | Working Glass Jewellery

  1. Have been waiting to ready your blog on this lovely person, her creativity, warmth, welcome and her best friend Maisie. Love it. Ooooh scones as well! Now I know you have had a lovely time. x


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