Easy Easter DIY | Pom Pom Willow

Pom pom willow

I’ll tell you how this post came about, as it wasn’t planned at all… but I’m so pleased that it materialised in my head because it has really given the Finca a much-needed Eastery lift!

I had planned to take photos of the beautiful willow with its fluffy catkins and talk about how incredible that a 3-year old tree that was a mere twig when I planted it, could now look so robust and happy and have its own catkins. So I was standing there, admiring the beautiful, long, whippy branches with their fuzzy, almost chick-like flowers and wished that I could cut some branches and bring them inside. I often see florists, at this time of year, selling stunning branches of willow for people to take into their homes. However brilliantly my hedge willows have done, they are not at the stage where I can hack swathes of branches off them without returning them to their original twiggy state.

“I know,” I thought. “I’ll make some instead.”

…and that’s where we find ourselves.

So if you fancy a bit of cheap, easy fun, just in time for Easter – give this a try. Here’s how…

(I’ll provide links to all the bits that you may need at the end of the post).

rooster ceramic jug

Firstly, find yourself a nice jug or container. It doesn’t have to be ceramic and it doesn’t have to be patterned, but it just so happened that I was given this rooster jug by a lovely friend and it seemed to fit the Easter theme perfectly! You also need to source some long twigs – I used Cornus, or dogwood twigs as they have fun, twisty shapes.

pom pom on gold sprayed twigs

If you want to give your branches a face-lift you can try spraying them, like I did, with some metallic gold spray. It’s best done outside and not on a windy day, if you don’t feel like adding a new dimension to your shoes or trousers (not that this happened to me… of course not…). As it was a cold, damp (and yes, windy) day they needed a good 24-hours to dry.

pom moms attached with hot glue gun

Using the smallest of my trusty pompom makers, I quickly made twelve mini pompoms in four colours. I chose pastel yarn colours to stay with my Easter theme. I also decided to give my pompoms quite a radical trim with the scissors, so that they were small and compact, as I wanted to make sure that my branches would hold them without bending.

Using a hot glue gun, I attached my pompoms to the twigs at various points. Some twigs held one or two, while the branchier ones looked good with three.

Et voila!


Gold spray, Clover pompom maker and hot glue gun (affiliate links).

Have a great day x


4 thoughts on “Easy Easter DIY | Pom Pom Willow

    1. Thank you – and Happy Easter to you too! It definitely cheers up the room and gives an Easter twist. I may even put it in the centre of our table for our Easter meal (possibly with some hanging chocolate eggs for pudding). 🙂


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