Dorset's Delicious Bits | Fiddleford Manor

Fiddleford Manor

… a section of the original manor house …

Our discovery of Fiddleford Manor was a complete, unexpected pleasure! How did I never know of its existence? I have probably driven past its little, lane entrance about a squillion times and never investigated further.

What I loved most, at first sight, was the massive, free car park. Secondly, I loved that entrance to the house (run by English Heritage) was also totally free. Free! 


The thing about visiting new places (if you’re anything like me) is that you don’t want to stress about parking. Who wants to venture out into the unknown, only to have to –gulp- parallel park in the only space that is left, leaving you so hot, stressed and bothered that you spend most of the outing working out how to extricate yourself from said parking spot. Mr D-F doesn’t quite see my point on this one, but then, he’d park anywhere… he’s got that sort of happy-go-lucky parking ethos.

Anyway, I’ve digressed.  So after the relaxed parking bit, we walked down a lovely mown, grass track which led us to some farm gates and into the ‘garden’ part of the house. We immediately noticed the incredible detail of the roof (apparently one of the finest in Dorset).  After reading the information, we realised that this was only part of the house, as a large section to the right is no longer there. There is also a large portion of the house that is privately owned and has been carefully fenced off, so that there is no danger of you stumbling across someone happily pottering in their garden or enjoying a peaceful Sunday reading the paper.

river gates

Dorset blue skies

… Dorset blue skies …

Fiddleford Manor is right next to the river and you could clearly see – sluice gates? Are they sluice gates? It really was a beautiful situation. The skies were blue and the river was making soothing noises… I could have stayed for ages and would have loved have been able to have a picnic on the lawn (although I don’t think that it is encouraged)!

sheep with personality

… a sheep with serious ‘tude …

We walked back down the grassy path to the car but I couldn’t stop without taking a picture of this sheep… she had such attitude and personality and seemed to want to know exactly what we were about. Either that, or her tummy was rumbling and she was due some food!

I really recommend visiting Fiddleford Manor, especially if you’re local. It seemed to me, the perfect place to bring people who are staying for the weekend. It’s small (no massive house to trail around here), it’s interesting and it’s free.

For more information, have a look at the English Heritage page on the manor here.

Have a wonderful Sunday x


2 thoughts on “Dorset's Delicious Bits | Fiddleford Manor

    1. Hello, I believe it is. However, when we went, there seemed to be no access to see the working mill parts.


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