Update | Wild Flower Bank

newly planted primrose

… newly planted primroses on the bank …

You’ll remember from this post a few weeks back that we are in the process of creating a wild flower bank at the front of the house.  The bank already exists, just incase your mind conjures up visions of diggers and mounds of earth (in Mr D-F’s dreams). We especially wanted to consider a planting scheme that would provide interest all year round, changing with the seasons.

As we began the project in February, the first things that got transplanted to the bank were snowdrops and primroses. Although not yet making a major impact, they look very pretty dotted in amongst the mosses and have thrived in the south-facing sunshine.

Unfortunately the cowslip seeds that I planted haven’t shown any sign of germination in 3-weeks. I’m not surprised. It’s no wonder that they are on the endangered list, if they take so long to sprout… however, I’ve not given up complete hope just yet!

wild flower seedlings

… quick to germinate – wild flower seeds …

The harebell seeds have already germinated and although are very tiny, they look healthy and should enjoy a bit of growth time in the propagator.  The real stars of the show have been the wild flower mix of seeds.  These babies germinated in just under two weeks and are already looking quite mature, with leaves of all different shapes and sizes. The plan is to keep them warm in the propagator for a bit longer, probably until their first pair of proper leaves appear.  They’ll remain inside until they are big enough to stand up to the moss and grass on the bank and after the likelihood of frost has passed.

plug plants

… the cutest plug plants …

The final piece of update news, is that for my birthday, I was given some wild flower plug plants – yes indeedy! I couldn’t have been more excited and as they are pretty grown-up already, they can be transplanted straight onto the bank…

It’s all shaping up nicely! Have a great day. x


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