Dorset's Delicious Bits | Kimmeridge Bay


… the tide going out at Kimmeridge Bay …

‘Where’s Kimmeridge?” Mr D-F asked a while back. I was so astonished that anyone in Dorset and the surrounding counties could possibly not be aware of the existence of this very cool spot. It was decided then that Kimmeridge would be our next mission out and luckily the weekend was supposed to be warm, sunny with highs of 14 degrees.

Right. Well that didn’t quite end up being the truth. In fact it was pretty cold and windy, but as March in the UK is never tropical, we were dressed in lots of layers and had a great time anyway.

We drove through Kimmeridge village and stopped on the other side at the little hut to pay our £5 to use the toll road and for parking. After doing a little research it seems that this part of the coast is a section that belongs to a privately owned estate.  However, as entrance to the marine centre (run by the Purbeck Marine Wildlife Reserve) is free, we didn’t have any hard feelings about paying.

kimmeridge waterfall

… one of the many little waterfalls …

We knew that low tide was going to be about mid day and we planned to arrive as the tide was going out. There is very little to see or do if the tide is high as almost the entire beach is covered in water and I’m glad I checked the times before we set out.

Nevertheless there was still a good half hour or so where the water was covering the best bits. To entertain ourselves we took out the trusty pocket kite.  This little chap goes with us on all of our trips and is a full-proof way to keep people entertained if there is a wait. It goes without saying that journeys to busy places like motorway service stations do not warrant the use of the kite (although with the DF family, it is always a worrying possibility)!

kite at kimmeridge

… kite flying while waiting for the tide to turn …

Once the main ledges of rocks were exposed, we set off along the beach. It was incredibly slippery. When we used to come as children, we always had a large supply of plasters with us for this outing as it was pretty likely that someone was going to take a tumble and need some knee First Aid!

The next hour or so, was spent skimming stones, inspecting rock pools and seeing what the waves had washed up (lots of seaweed and dead bits of crab mostly).  We couldn’t venture the whole way along the beach because the red flag was flying, signalling firing on the army ranges.


… winkle on the move …

 To end our morning out we went into the marine centre. It may not be the London Aquarium, but it was fantastic! They have a rock pool in the entrance with simulated wave action to keep the inhabitants happy. We spent such a long time peering over the side at the prawns and the blenny fish that would come right up to you to say hello. I loved it!

On a warm summer’s day and armed with a net, bucket and a good supply of snacks, this would be a wonderful day out and all for £5.  Bargain!

Have a lovely Sunday x

A tiny note – just to say, of course I don’t get any money for blogging about the gorgeous gems of Dorset – I do it for the love! 


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