At Last! A Stylish Hair Solution

mini clip

… one of the many beautiful hair clips at Stone Bridge hair accessories

I know that I don’t usually write about anything to do with hair or beauty. I think this is because I am, by no means, an expert in this field. I wanted to write this post because I had a little revelation that I wanted to share, which hopefully will help other fellow hair-strugglers. By next week, I’ll be back to talking about frog spawn or whatever else is happening at the Finca.

My hair has a complete mind of its own and my beauty regime could, at best, be regarded as umm… minimal. However, I do like to be well-presented and would happily make a bit of effort under some careful guidance.

How has this sudden epiphany occurred? I’m writing this post, as it happens, on my birthday. A time when I like to look back at the past year and shake things up a bit if they need it…

…and after seeing a friend last week with the most effortless, beautiful hair swept off her face in a chic, little plait – I have become more motivated to find a solution for my wayward tresses and not use the excuse that I’m too busy taking photos, in the garden, blogging or tackling a new project with my crochet hook. 

I turned to the lovely Melissa and Libby at Stone Bridge hair accessories.  For years, I’ve swooned over the vast array of beautiful clips, claws and hair bands on their website. My favourite go-to clips are all from them and are all still up to the job, even after 8 years of continual use.

pretty packaging

… it’s like receiving treasure in the post …

Melissa has this passion to free people from the whole ‘I can’t do anything with my hair’ mantra.  She encourages people to email, phone in and talk about their hair so that together, the best solutions and products can be found. Stone Bridge deal in luxury accessories… with materials that are carefully sourced from the best people in the business.  The online shop is stocked with a wide variety of clips, the prices of which, reflect their high quality and they pride themselves on offering something for everyone.

Liberty prints

After chatting to Melissa and Libby about my hair issues, they were eager to send me three products to try.  A barrette, claw and mini clip from a new collection, which features the most beautiful, embedded fabric from Liberty of London.  I couldn’t believe how closely they matched this print to my own style… relaxed, a bit quirky and with a garden feel – perfect!

large claw

… the large claw, which easily fits in all of my hair …

So here I am now, sitting with my hair behaving itself in its new clip and feeling extremely grown-up and effortless. It’s time to spread the joy…

If you would like a bit of advice on the sorts of accessories that would suit your hair type, follow the links to Libby’s videos. I would strongly recommend watching a few, but then getting in contact to chat specifically about your hair. Everyone is different, right?

For thick haired lovelies (I’m in this category), click here for the videos for you.

For stunners with fine hair, click here for video tips.

stone bridge hair clips

… I think the mini-clip is my favourite …

If, in the meantime, you would like to get in contact with the lovely people at Stone Bridge… You can find them at their shop, on Facebook, Twitter, on their blog or take a look at their YouTube channel.

Here’s to hair happiness!


Just a quick note to say that this post contains no affiliate links, so you can click away merrily without a care! x


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