A Unique Mother's Day Gift

sleeping hares

golden sleeping hares by Charley of *Artist Not Included …

It’s my birthday next week and I know that somewhere lurking in the Finca are two beautiful illustrations by Charley of *Artist Not Included, all wrapped up and waiting for me to open. Well, I hope all wrapped up… it wouldn’t surprise me if Mr DF hadn’t quite got that bit organised! 

Art can be a difficult gift to give. It’s so subjective and if you are presenting something quite large, the recipient can feel a little pressured to display it on their walls for ever more, even if it’s not quite their thing.

On the other hand, giving someone an illustration, print or painting can indicate that you’ve thought outside the box a bit. That you want to give them something that will last and will be a little bit special.

My new friend Charley (I met her when I wrote about her Christmas pop-up shop) has created some beautiful designs, which are for sale in her Etsy shop. Not only do I want to own almost every single one… but I think they would make the most perfect gifts for Mother’s Day.

sleeping hares 2

sleeping hares

Her range of sleeping hares are particularly apt for Mother’s Day. Lying in a nest of grass or straw, a mother hare curls up with her baby. It’s just too sweet and beautiful.

This versatile print could be displayed just as it is, on a bookshelf, framed for a nursery or placed in the kitchen. Either way, it is bound to get some admiring looks and would give enjoyment daily to the lucky mother in question.

Charley Artist Not Inc

What’s more, Charley (being seriously lovely and polite) is always on hand to offer framing advice or to take commissions, if you would like something bespoke.

If hares aren’t your bag, there are cushions, cards and canvases with a range of animals from pugs and dachshunds to birds and foxes.

You can either visit her Etsy shop here, check out her beautiful blog, or get in touch on Twitter to see what she has stashed away in her gallery studio. Please let me know which one you fall in love with…

Enjoy your day! x

Photographs kindly provided by Charley of *Artist Not Included

Please note: this post includes affiliate links. 


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