Planting a Wild Flower Bank

wildflower seeds

…wild flower seed mix…

At the front of the Finca there is a sunny bank. It’s mossy and green and lovely but I’ve always felt that it has never been developed to its full potential. I gave some serious thought to what we would all like to see out of our front windows. What would I like visitors to be welcomed by? When I open the front door, what would give me the warm and fuzzies?

I started imagining a bank full of wild flowers, shifting in the breeze or sending out scent on a hot summer’s day. I dreamt of a bank that changed with the seasons and always held something of interest. I wanted a view that I would want to spend lots of time looking at and enjoying.

snowdrops on bank

wildflower bank

As we are currently in February I realised that I needed to start with two things… winter/early spring planting and sowing seeds ready for later in the year. I split some large clumps of snowdrops and planted them (in what I hope) was a natural looking arrangement on the bank.  After the snowdrops, I dug up some primroses that had spread themselves wildly in other parts of the garden and added them to the mix. The bank was already starting to look like something…

In terms of the flowers for late spring/summer, I bought some cowslip and harebell seeds, as well as a wild flower mix. Choosing the right seeds took a bit of time. I had to carefully look at the maximum growing heights and chose plants that would only be a maximum of 40 – 50cm tall. They also needed to be sun lovers as the south-facing bank gets pretty mediterranean in the summer. The final consideration was to ensure that the insects and birds would enjoy this new part of the garden as much as we would, so flowers encouraging pollination and those that produce tasty seeds were a must.

This project has really excited me and I can’t wait to see how it shapes up. The seeds are all in propagators to give them a headstart and although there’s nothing happening above the surface of the soil, I can just feel that there is already something going on underneath. I just know it!

Shall I keep you posted? Have a great day x


P.S. Dorset’s Delicious Bits will be back from next Sunday… The post schedule had to be changed slightly due to the spruce up of the site- I hope you like it! 



9 thoughts on “Planting a Wild Flower Bank

  1. Love the different shapes and sizes of the seeds… clever is nature? Can’t wait to see the planted bank later in the summer.


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