Dorset's Delicious Bits | MILTON ABBAS


milton abbas

… Milton Abbas village …

If you have ever bought a set of Dorset postcards, I bet you this iconic sight was featured on at least one of them.  White cottages with thatched roofs and manicured grass lawns line the road on either side, creating an almost artificial look.

I had a peek at the village website here, for some background information and discovered that the village was built in 1773, when the former residents of Middleton (who lived in the grounds of Milton Abbey) were relocated.  Lord Milton, who was the occupant of Milton Abbey at the time, didn’t appreciate the town being so close to him and wanted the inhabitants to be slightly further away from him! Charming!

milton abbas waiting for sun

Every year, the village holds its famous Street Fair. The wide range of exhibitors include craft stalls, dancing, music and local food. This year the date for the fair is the 25th July, from 11am – 5pm and it’s already in my diary!

Have a great Sunday x

A tiny note – just to say, of course I don’t get any money for blogging about the gorgeous gems of Dorset – I do it for the love! 





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