1000 thank you

This rather took me by surprise… I was looking over the blog the other day, trying to decide whether I wanted to mix things up in the visual department, when I noticed…



One thousand and three. Yes, I wasn’t experiencing an internet mirage. That little number of such great significance was correct…. and was just standing there looking at me, all expectantly.

I was so overjoyed and decided that a whole post needed to be dedicated to this momentous moment.  It got me thinking about all of the things that I utterly love about the blog… here are my musings:

1. Taking photographs and sprucing them up at the editing stage really does it for me. I can get so completely wrapped up in the whole process that I can miss whole events happening around me – like the cat making off with the freshly made loaf of bread. 

2. Writing the blog gives me the opportunity to meet exceedingly creative local people. I love seeing inside the spaces in which people work and I always leave thinking that their job/hobby/home/shop is the best and maybe I should do that instead!?!

3. I have made friends with people from all over the world who also blog… and quite a few have been with me right from the very beginning of the Finca, when the pictures were all wobbly and blurry and I hadn’t quite worked my niche out yet. I really appreciate all of their support and kindness. You know who you are! 🙂

4. Comments and likes! I know, I know. It’s not all about the stats/comments etc… but for me it is! The Dorset Finca, in no way, has to be the coolest blog on the block but when you get a post that has lots of comments and conversation or a squillion views, it gives you the confidence to think that you might be entertaining people, which is sort of the point!  

5. I get a tingle when someone says ‘oh, are you Dorset Finca?’ I mean…. how cool is that? Indulgent, sure. But cool!

 There are so many more things, but I expect you’re desperate for that cup of tea now and a sit in the garden. I’m now off on a jolly for this weekend’s delicious bit.

Have a brilliant day!

This humungous thank you obviously also includes all of the lovely people who follow TDF via another method… bloglovin, Twitter, Facebook… Huge, huge thank yous!


4 thoughts on “A THOUSAND THANK YOUS

  1. Well done and deserved – excellent stuff! I agree with your points 1 to 4 completely, its the same for me. 5 has never happened as my readers are more distant! Keep on keeping on! Adrian


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