Club Tropicana Time ~ FRUIT POM POMS

fruit pompoms

Now… I know you’re not surprised that I LOVE this whole idea… the tropical colours, the pom poms, the versatility… it’s just so jolly!

When I saw this beautiful post on Mr Printable’s blog, I knew I had to give it a try. The post explains, in careful detail, how to make watermelon, strawberry, lemon, kiwi and other fruit pom poms. To create theirs, the Mr P crew used a special cardboard  contraption, whereas I used my trusty pom pom makers. I found that I had to buy a larger one to make the watermelon… but this was no problem, as after phoning the kind people at SparrowUk , one was put aside to be picked up by Mr D-F, as he was going to be travelling right past their door.

strawberry garland

The instructions were easy peasy to follow and I was quickly producing fruity pom poms.  Now, mine don’t look half as good as the one on Mr P’s site and I think that it is because I haven’t quite perfected the trimming stage. After a few attempts I found that using small, sharp scissors was best and that it was necessary to take quite a lot of wool off from the pom pom to allow the shape to emerge. However, I still think that a gentle approach is a good one to start with, otherwise, you might over-snip and leave yourself with something that resembles a raisin rather than a strawberry!

watermelon pompom

The finished articles made me so happy, that I made a whole pile of strawberries and strung them up to make a sunny, summery garland. Just what is needed in this cold weather!

Who’s already rummaging in their yarn stash to find some crazy tropical colours for a kiwi?!

Have a great day x



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