Dorset's Delicious Bits | WIMBORNE MINSTER


wimborne minster

… Wimborne Minster …

Golly it was cold when I took these pictures and my poor fingers could hardly operate my camera properly. Even so, I was so entranced by the prettiness of Wimborne Minster that I stayed outside, taking it all in, until I was a bit blue and frosty!

My first thought was – what is the difference between a minster and a regular church? Apparently (according to the great and wonderous google dictionary), a minster usually arose as part of a monastery or as a teaching church. Although, if anyone could shed a bit more light on this for me, I’d be very grateful.

In fact, not only a monastery was founded here, but also a nunnery, which housed 500 nuns at one point…

… and this is only the beginning of its incredible history:

* In AD871, King Alfred buried his brother here after a battle that took place in Cranborne.

* The minster contains the chained library, which is one of the oldest public libraries in England.

* On the inside of the tower there is an astronomical clock, built in the 14th century.

Before you wonder how I get to be so knowledgeable, the secret is… I had a little help with these facts from the wonderful ‘Slow Dorset’ book by Alexandra Richards.

minster tower

… incredible tower …

pretty door

… pretty arched doorways and windows …

If you fancy a bit more information you can visit the official minster website here.

Have a great weekend. I’m off to get next week’s photos sorted as well as prepare some seriously exciting things for next week. x


6 thoughts on “Dorset's Delicious Bits | WIMBORNE MINSTER

  1. If you ever get the opportunity to visit Wimborne Model Town [] you will find a scale model of The Minster, which is almost as charming as the original, in my opinion 🙂


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