Dorset’s Delicious Bits | LULWORTH COVE


Lulworth Cove1

… Lulworth Cove…

‘Let’s have breakfast on the beach…’ was the cry last Sunday. So we packed up our toast and marmite, grabbed a flask of tea and off we went… all joyful and excited by the thought of a sunny breakfast on the salty cobbles.

Well, it definitely was sunny and the weather was incredibly clear. It was also however, extremely windy and very, very cold.  Our enthusiasm was slightly dampened, but we were not to be thwarted!


choppy sea

We climbed to the top of Stair Hole and looked out to sea, remarking at how lucky we were not to be on a little boat trying to make its way through those enormous waves. The gulls were having a blast being thrown around by the winds, while underneath them, the sea was a mixture of blues, greens and white tops.

Stair hole

pebbles on beach

The oddest thing was that once we were actually on the beach the wind completely dropped away. The bay protected us totally and we were left alone to munch on our toast and watch the waves roll in.

Although at one point, I was trying to be terribly dramatic and take some close-up shots of the waves breaking, only to get a well -deserved foot and almost total-body soaking!



Have a great Sunday everyone!



A tiny note – just to say, of course I don’t get any money for blogging about the gorgeous gems of Dorset – I do it for the love! 




6 thoughts on “Dorset’s Delicious Bits | LULWORTH COVE

  1. I would like this post twice if I could- Lulworth is beautiful! I love the castle too, the views from the roof are amazing. We’re counting down the days to our Dorset holiday this year.


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