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Okeford Hill

… The view from the top of Okeford Hill …

This photo opportunity happened completely by accident. It was the dreariest of days and the clouds hung thickly, looking as if they weren’t going to shift even a tiny bit. I was on my way to run errands (I love that phrase… it contains so much self importance) anyway, me and my errands, were going in the direction of Okeford Hill.  The foggy mistiness was getting pretty dense by the time I was up at the top and I was sad that I wouldn’t see much of a view – which is a stunner by the way.

However, when I was actually coming down the other side, I was amazed at the mixed bag of weather I could see from my elevated position.  I naturally whipped out the camera and had to take some pictures to show you…

To the right of me (picture above), the sun was breaking through and giving everything a warm glow. The cows were grazing happily despite the wind which had, by this time, almost given my fingers frostbite.

Okeford Hill 3

Whereas to the left, the weather was all dark and sultry, looking as if it might rain any minute.  It really was a view of two halves!

On a clear, bright day, the view is pretty staggering. There are often people parachuting off the top and you can sit and watch their brightly-coloured canopies whirling above you. The villages all nestle in their own little creeks, with the tops of the churches just visible.

If you are there early enough, you can watch the racehorses thunder down the gallops. I’m always worried that by rocketing down a steep slope at such speeds, they will fall over onto their noses… but I don’t think they do!

the gallops on Okeford Hill

… looking towards the gallops …

It’s so worth a visit and there are brilliant walks that zigzag all over – perfect for dogs, clearing away cobwebs or letting over-excitable children deplete their energy reserves!!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

A tiny note – just to say, of course I don’t get any money for blogging about the gorgeous gems of Dorset – I do it for the love! 




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