early primrose

So before anything else, a big Happy New Year to you! I hope you managed to have a rest in between seeing family, wrapping presents, watching favourite films and drinking hot chocolate with little marshmallows floating on the top.

January seems to inspire the inner-planner in people (and especially me, who is prone to every creative fad and whim going).  I am currently getting excited over new planting plans for the garden, looking at new paint colours for the cottage and DIY projects that will enhance my life (according to Pinterest)…

… and yesterday I got a little joyously overwhelmed while sorting out my herb and spice cupboard. I know, I sure know how to party!

In order to get a little perspective and ground myself before starting too many new things at once, I took a little trip around the garden, just to see what was happening while the weather was cold and frosty.

moss on sleeper

bird bath in winter

I felt instantly calmed… and ready to make a list of all of these crazy ideas flying round my head. I can now tackle them one-by-one, before telling you all about them throughout the year!

Have a great day!





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