A Look Back | 2014 Favourites

2014 favourites

This has been a truly great year and I can’t believe we’re on the cusp of a new one. Don’t get me wrong, the last twelve months have had their fair share of ups, downs and mega downs, but looking back has allowed me to re-live the enormous number of brilliant bits, especially when it comes to the blog.

I’ve made so many new friends, have tried lots of different new experiences and have attempted to push myself to go that little bit further when all I fancy is a cuddle with the cat (fat chance – far too grumpy). So I thought I would show you, just a few of my posts, that hold some sort of big significance in 2014 at The Dorset Finca.  I hope you enjoy…


This post was a real gardening turning point for me.

I was given a book on plant propagation last Christmas and was mesmerised at how easily plants could be persuaded to make more of themselves. I obviously then went a little bit crazy and had pots on every windowsill of the house as I tried propagating everything possible! Although my windowsills are now more or less back to normal, it was incredible to watch cuttings and leaves take root, all by themselves.


Another major craze of my year was featured in this post. A craze which I feel will never end as I completely and utterly LOVE crochet. I love it.

For eight blissful weeks, I attended a crochet course on Tuesdays. My incredible teacher Ali (her website is here if you’re interested) filled us with enthusiasm and encouragement. The above picture was the first time that I attempted a compilation of my own (although I used Lucy’s pattern at Attic24 for the flower squares) and was thrilled with the results.


The posts about the goings on in The Dorset Finca garden always seem to encourage people to comment and have a chat about their own experiences – which makes me so happy. The best bit about blogging for me is the community… the way you can make new friends from anywhere on the planet and compare notes.

This post about being brave in the face of pruning, in particular, seemed to strike a chord and I received lots of lovely emails and comments.

Emsie Sharp bauble making

…and finally, this post (featuring glass blower Emsie Sharp), which reminds me of all the wonderful experiences that I have had over the last twelve months.  When I started my Dorset’s Delicious Bits series, the aim was to showcase the county how I see it; full of beautiful scenery, places to visit and most importantly, incredibly friendly and talented people.  I hope to be able to continue this series into 2015 and uncover lots more Dorset loveliness.

Have a great last day of 2014, see you next year! x


4 thoughts on “A Look Back | 2014 Favourites

  1. Thank you so much for sharing all these Delicious bits of Dorset, and your Dorset Finca with us. All the very best wishes to you for 2015.


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