Dorset's Delicious Bits | Blowing Baubles

Handmade Bauble

… my glass bauble, blown with the help of Emsie Sharp …

Last weekend, Emsie Sharp opened the doors of her studio to give people the opportunity to blow their own glass Christmas bauble.

I was unbelievably excited.  However, when I arrived, I got a slight attack of the nerves! I mean, there are furnaces… and metal poles …and molten glass!! As a million painful accidents raced through my mind, I looked at the neat little rows of beautiful glittery baubles that had been blown previously. I watched as Emsie carefully led people through the blowing process, watching all the time to ensure they achieved the best results.

Suddenly, my irrational fears disappeared and the eagerness to take part in this incredible art form took over… and I stepped over the safety bunting.

Bauble Colours

I was amazed to see the liquid glass scooped up like globs of honey onto the end of the pole, before being rolled in colour and foil. I was asked if I would like my bauble to go into the mould to make rivets in the surface …yes please. Would I like colours… yes please and would I like some foil to create a silvery effect… ooh yes please! I wanted the works. If I had anything to do with it, this bauble was going to be the most extravagant ever made.

Emsie Sharp bauble making

My newly tricked-out glass blob then went into this little furnace to get warmed up and a bit more gloopy, ready for some blowing.

Bauble making first step

heating up the bauble

Quite a lot of puff was needed at the start to get the glass to inflate and I had to remember to turn the pole as I blew, to get an even rounded shape.  My glob was starting to look quite bauble-like at this point, but it needed another quick heat up before the final bit of blowing to create the size I needed.

Then Emsie took over the reins and cut the bauble off before artistically making the stringing loop with another little globule of glass.

Once it was finished, my magnificent bauble went into the oven to harden.

glass blowing tools

I am soooo pleased that I went and had a go. My bauble is gorgeous and has taken pride of place in amongst our decorations. I have so much respect for Emsie and how she can manipulate glass to create such incredible objects.  She runs courses from her studio and I’m very tempted!

What a cool job! Have a great Sunday everyone!


A tiny note – just to say, of course I don’t get any money for blogging about the gorgeous gems of Dorset – I do it for the love! 


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