A Wednesday Watch | Taking Time-lapse Videos

kitty on roof

I love taking photos.  It’s one of the major thrills in my day and although I’m by no means an expert, I’m enjoying trying new things out and practising tips and tricks that I’ve read/heard/been told!

After checking out the light situation, finding or arranging my subject and looking at backgrounds, I can happily sit for ages trying out new angles and effects. With eager joy, I then view all of the photos on my laptop… and there are always surprises. Shots that I thought were the business at the time, sometimes turn out not so great, whereas others that gave me a ‘meh’ feeling can end up being real stunners and stealing the show.

The other of my passions that goes alongside taking photos, is my love of anything techie. A new photography App for my phone, new filters on a piece of image software… I’m all over it! So when it occurred to me to try some time-lapse video and photography, I quickly found all of the available technological bits and pieces that could sort me out.

I’ve had a little play and this is what I came up with for my first attempt (although, if you blink, you might miss it)… hope you like it! 


Time-lapse video created with Hyperlapse for iPhone.



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