The Highlights


It was a lucky thing that I had my camera with me all of the time this week, as there were so many interesting moments to capture. This little fellow (above) was hanging around in possibly the most gorgeous and relaxing place IN THE WORLD!

…sorry for being a tiny bit elusive but never fear… I will share all about this hidden gem on Sunday in my Dorset’s Delicious Bits post.

catkins log pile

It has been pretty chilly this week and the woodburner has had its work cut out. While out stacking logs to replenish our dwindling stores, I noticed that the hazel already had its catkins out on display. They looked almost golden in the December sunshine.

Ollie-destructo-cat was less than helpful while I was trying to arrange the Christmas decorations. Unfortunately, he has a penchant for glittery twigs … and fairy lights … and tea light holders … you get the picture!

This photograph was taken in the one moment that he stopped gnashing his teeth at the tinsel and looked rather angelic. Gotta love my kitty!

wide eyed kittyHappy Friday!



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