An Alternative Christmas Tree

glittered twigs

I felt like something a little simpler this Christmas. Our sitting room isn’t really arranged in a way that lends itself to a traditional Christmas set-up, with the tree in a focal position and space around it for decorating and placing presents at its foot.  The whole tree debacle stresses me out almost every year… I persevere, only to spend the majority of the holidays convincing the cat that swinging on the branches and chewing the fairy lights, isn’t the best idea. Hardly relaxing!

So this year, it was time for a change. I wanted to go minimal, natural, pretty and hassle-free! The table by the window, seemed like a good place for my alternative festive arrangement, as I had already strung up the pompom garland (from this post) in the window.  I created a focal point with some glittered twigs, which catch the light from the tea lights placed around it.  In order to keep the relaxed feel, I used a mixture of ceramic, mercuried glass and home-made tea light holders (if you would like to make your own painted tea light holder, as seen towards the back of the picture, see this post).

tea light collection ceramic tea light

Mr D-F declared that this paired-down Christmas was all very well and good, but I wasn’t going to get away with not including fairy lights somewhere in the mix.  It took me a while to think about the best place for them…

The twigs were too spindly to hold them, they would look messy just draped on the table and I didn’t want to string them in the window because they wouldn’t be seen once the blinds were closed in the evening.

Just as a test, I put the lights in a black and gold bowl… and I couldn’t have been happier with the results! All sparkly, pretty and warm – perfect!

fairy lights in bowl

Are you deciding to do Christmas differently this year or are you all about tradition?


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