Dorset’s Delicious Bits | Two For The Price Of One

KL Beech Avenue

… the beech avenue at Kingston Lacy …

Such an iconic Dorset sight and a very handy one too as there are two delicious bits here, right next to each other.  Not only do you get to gaze upon the most beautiful avenue of beech trees, which were planted in 1835 as an anniversary gift (and what a gift), but Badbury Rings is snuggled up within walking distance!

The perfect place for a Sunday walk, the rings are the remnants of an Iron Age hill fort, which is built on the site of an earlier Bronze Age structure (we’re talking an incredibly early 2200BC – 800BC). My mind can’t even comprehend a time that far back – even what I had for breakfast is an occasional struggle!

badbury rings

So if you fancy a wander among some real history and feel like soaking up some truly spectacular sights, then I very very much recommend a little journey out to this part of Dorset.  Even the fencing and gates are traditionally beautiful!

traditional gate

On a winter’s day, once you’ve blown away the cobwebs, you’ll no doubt want to make like these snails and go and huddle in the warmth.  Hopefully next to a log fire, with crumpets!

snails hiding

I have to credit the incredible Hidden Dorset  website, where I found the historical information. Thank you! 


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