crochet ripple blanket

I managed to find a few moments, in the evenings of this hectic week, to make a start on my new ripple blanket. I am already completely in love with the soft waves of this pattern and the way that the colours merge together. This pattern is Lucy’s Cottage Blanket from Attic24 – you can check out her gorgeous blog here.

I can’t decide where this ripply goodness will live when it is finished, but it will certainly need to be somewhere where it can be picked up regularly and used for wrapping up cold feet and hands in the late afternoon.

GBHD Feast

Last weekend, we took a trip to the Great Big Huge Dorset Feast, hosted by Olives Et Al.  There was an enormous tent, packed full of local food and drink producers offering tastes and sips of everything they had on offer. Everyone was happy and cheerful and we met lots of people who were passionate about their products. We tasted beer from the Piddle Brewery,  incredible cheeses from James’ Cheese, beautiful teas from TeaTonics and so much more. Mr D-F carried around our cardboard shopping basket and once we’d filled it to the top, we joined the throngs waiting to pay.

Although I decreed that we should keep our box of goodies until nearer Christmas, I have already noticed bits and pieces disappearing… hmmm…

garden log book

I’m also starting to think about which seeds will need to be planted over the winter months. After digging out my garden journal, I recapped the jobs that I was doing at the start of this year. Hopefully, having this log to refer back to, will help me keep motivated and organised when the weather is cold and wet.  I hate getting to April only to realise I should have planted seeds way back in early February!

I hope you have had a brilliant week so far!



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