Dorset's Delicious Bits | Moreton Ford


bridge over ford

… the bridge over the ford …

I have some very vivid childhood memories of this place.  I would imagine (through my 7 year old mind) that it was possible to catch a glimpse of a unicorn gently strolling through the shallow water.  Crazy thoughts, but the magic of this place seemed to inspire such things.

Although I could picture the scene clearly in my head, it has taken me quite a lot of research to find where this magical ford actually is. Situated quite close to Bovington, you reach the well-signposted village via beautiful tree-lined lanes. Here is a map if you like a bit more detail.

moreton ford 1

moreton ford 2

After the recent downpours, the ford was flowing quickly and although shallow enough for horses to wade through (which they regularly do), we had to take the route across the footbridge. We spent the obligatory few minutes (*ahem* half an hour) searching for fish, while also watching littlies with their fishing nets seeing what they could catch and whooping with joy when success had been had.

By both banks the water was shallow enough to experience it first hand.  So we stood on the shingle, watching the water flow past our wellies, amazed at how clearly we could see the details underneath our feet.

After all of that fresh air, a cup of tea was needed and thankfully there is a charmingly lovely tea-room, just at the top of the lane.  Walk past the black bin offering free use of fishing nets and children’s boots and you won’t miss it!

welly boots

Go on… have a paddle!



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