How To Bring Nature To Your Table

pinecone placecards

… pine cone place cards …

This time of year always seems to be full of great excuses to entertain.  Although we don’t have any huge gatherings planned, I wanted to make the most of the informal parties that are coming up in the diary.

On Pinterest, I have gradually been accumulating lots of ideas for finishing touches for the table. Even for smaller groupings, place cards can make the atmosphere feel much more personal.  I like to invite my friends to take away their place names as a memento of the evening.

natural place cards

Natural place cards 2

… ribbon and leaves …

It’s easy to find things of interest while out on a walk or in the garden; colourful leaves, stones with holes in them, pine cones… all make for innovative ways to display friends’ names.  Handwritten script always looks friendlier than printed letters and I had lots of fun practising a calligraphic style of writing to achieve the style I wanted.

Now I just have to wait until the next opportunity to try these out… Have a great day!


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