The Highlights

house warming

… a happy new home …

This week has been full of excitement so far… Our friends moved into their long-awaited, beautiful new home and we were invited round for our first visit.  We all sat in the kitchen with heaps of cakes and tea to talk about where the sofa should go, which wall the prints and photos would be best displayed and how to choose paint colours for a calming, yet motivational home office space.  It was so nice to see our besties with grins of happiness at finding a house that they love so much already!

rose pruning

garden plan

For the remainder of the weekend, I spent the unseasonably warm days pruning back the roses quite vigorously. My aim was to leave four or five of the largest ‘trunks’ before removing any side stems back to the first healthy bud.  I also removed any stems that were looking leggy or unhealthy.  Any shoots that now appear will be left until Spring, when they can be pruned, less dramatically, to start to build next year’s shape.

All these long days in the garden, had me scheming of a new garden design for next year.  There are still some parts of the garden that aren’t working for me.  I need a planting section that can deal with some shade, as well as a re-design of the main outdoor sitting and eating place.  As the measurements have all been taken, I can spend some of the winter batting ideas around and mixing things up a little before a final decision is made. Of course, I will let you know what I decide!

Have a great day!



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