Create Some Cosy With This Candle Holder DIY!

by day

The clocks turning back at the weekend rather took me by surprise this year.  We’ve had such a mild Autumn so far that I haven’t really mentally prepared myself for the onset of long nights, log fires and woolly socks!  The evenings arrive so quickly and I am always looking for ways to cosy up the atmos and make the darkness something to look forward to.  After searching through my hoards of pinterest images for pretty candle holder ideas, I came upon this fun and cost-friendly DIY… which looked, above all things to be simple!

step by step

Once you have dug out a jam jar that has not made it into the cupboard with this year’s mass of tomato chutney, ensure it is nice and clean before wrapping your twine or string around it. If you choose twine, your finished product will end up slightly rustic looking, whereas string will give you a more clean, minimalist feel. Try wrapping the string in an artistic manner, with a few crosses and overlaps.  Then tie the two ends together firmly.

With some white primer, gently paint the entire jam jar, including the bottom and leave it to dry for a few hours.  Once the paint has completely dried, carefully snip the twine in several places before peeling it off.  You should hopefully be left with lovely, unpainted lines criss-crossing each other.

Decorate the neck of the jar with a twine or ribbon bow, before placing a normal or battery-operated tea-light inside.

by night

I must apologise for this final photo… it was very dark! Rest assured that the jar, in real life, looked so pretty and homely.  The white of the jar glows warmly, while the light shines out of the unpainted stripes.  It makes a nice addition to the sitting room cosiness!



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