Dorset's Delicious Bits | The White Mill

white mill 1

… White Mill at Sturminster Marshall …

Goodness this is a beautiful building, completely tucked away down a narrow lane.  The perfect, peaceful place for a walk and a chance to relax.  It is a National Trust building and it is possible to have a look around at the original mill workings (take a look at the website here, if you’re interested in opening times).  It wasn’t open when we went, but it was just as lovely to walk around, while there was no one here, we shared the space with a pair of Egrets by the water’s edge.

We also had a walk over the incredible White Mill Bridge, where there is only just room for single file traffic.  Despite the cold wind that seemed to be blowing us sideways, we spent some time peering over the edge looking for fish (we didn’t find any)! The rule in our house is that if there is water, we have to look for fishes… Honestly. Sometimes we spend at least ten minutes inspecting deep puddles!

oldest bridge 1

This is definitely worth a trip, if you’re in the area.  A real hidden piece of lovely Dorset! Have a wonderful Sunday x

oldest bridge 2


4 thoughts on “Dorset's Delicious Bits | The White Mill

  1. What a beautiful place, I will look it up on Google to find my way there this afternoon before the whole world discovers this little gem. Might even look for fishes!


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