Yarn | Organising The Stash

organise the stash1

This little piece of organisational joy happened quite by accident. It sort of evolved as I was thinking through a problem.

I have a bit of difficulty when planning a new project. As far as I am aware, there isn’t a shop near to me that has a wide range of yarns to go and have a look at, leaving me having to buy online.  Although this is brilliant because I get an exciting woolly delivery, it does limit me in terms of seeing colours in real life.

After collecting up all of my oddments of yarn and balls that hadn’t quite been made into anything yet, I set about making up some granny triangles.  Nothing fancy and not too big.

Once each triangle was finished, I labelled them with their colour and make.

organise the stash2

… all labelled up …

I now have lovely little stacks of colourful triangles, all labelled and ready for reference. I did spend five minutes arranging them into little crochet sandwiches  … but that’s because I got sidetracked!

Now, when I am pondering over the next blankety colour scheme, I get out my triangles and see which ones take my fancy, before I place my yarn order online.

Hooray for organisation (…and for playing with crochet sandwiches)!

organise the stash3


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