This Week | Highlights


… Keith intrigued by her reflection in my lens …

This week has been rather a mixed jumble of happenings so far.  After noticing that Keith had a bit of a cold developing, including enormous coop-rattling sneezes, we formulated a Keith-get-well plan.  This included lots of fresh clean water with an added garlic clove, some Poultry Spice mixed into their food and an hourly check up!

Happily, by the next day Keith was completely back to normal and was being her usual happy (grumpy) self! Not a sign of a runny nose anywhere!

Custard creams

… an exciting take on custard creams …

We also had family visiting over the weekend and there was a request for a cake of some kind.  I felt like baking something completely new, but nothing in my recipe books grabbed me, until I came across a biscuit recipe for ‘Melting Moments’. This is a very smart, fancy version of a custard cream biscuit and were completely delicious but seriously full of sugar.  When making biscuits myself, it really reminds me of how much sugar must go in to shop-bought biscuits and halts me, momentarily, from eating them by the handful, until I forget about the sugar content again! Anyway, if you just want an occasional treat to go with a strong coffee, these are perfect and the recipe can be found in The Primrose Bakery Book.


… last of the clary …

I spent some of the more sunny parts of the days preparing the garden for Autumn. I cut back the stems of the rock roses, trimmed the herbs in the bed and generally had a tidy.  Much of this year’s Clary was over and needed taking out, but in amongst the brown, I found one plant still happily radiating purple petals and so I left him be as a reminder of summer, just for a little while longer!

I hope you’re having a great week so far.


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