Dorset's Delicious Bits | An Organic Gem


Gold Hill Organic Farm, Child Okeford

It was about a year ago when I discovered this organic farm, nestled just under Hambledon Hill in Child Okeford. Despite my lack of realisation of its existence, the plot has been growing organic vegetables for 25 years and it is clear that the Gold Hill farmers know their onions (sorry, couldn’t resist).  The first time I visited, after asking permission, I was allowed to roam around the rows of growth and poke my head into the various poly-tunnels.  I was so staggered at the enormous range of produce that can actually be grown, in England, throughout the year completely organically.

Just walking into the shop (open from Thursdays – Sundays) will make you gasp, as brightly coloured, healthy-looking veg is heaped into wicker baskets, having only been harvested moments before. It really is something to see.  The lovely people here are also very honest about the one or two things that they can’t grow, such as potatoes. These come from another local farm, as for some reason the plot here didn’t agree with potatoes and they had a terrible time with blight.

 A recently new venture for the farm (and already a huge local success) is their veg box delivery service. Priced very reasonably and delivered throughout Dorset to people’s doors, the veg is picked the very same morning that it is delivered to you.  A feat of genius in my opinion!

Now for the really secret and delicious bit… In amongst all this organic loveliness, is a…  cafe! Yes, yippee! My complete favourite thing in the world. (Many of you are now exclaiming… ‘but I thought you said your favourite thing was…’) so please forgive me for having so many favourite things.  Food and a cup of tea is really up there in the top three.

lemon and polenta cake

… homemade lemon and polenta cake …

There are homemade cakes (baked that day, of course), a range of things to eat for lunch with delicious salads… all organic and fresh.  We sat outside in the warm September sunshine with an incredible piece of lemon and polenta cake each, a pot of tea and watched the gentle goings on at the farm, framed by Hambledon Hill in the background.  It really was a lovely afternoon!

For a bit more information and directions, you will find Gold Hill Farm’s website here.

baskets of goodness

… baskets bursting with delicious things …


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