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compton abbas

Compton Abbas Airfield, near Shaftesbury

… and this is just the car park …

We had a little jaunt last Sunday, to one of my favourite places to sit and ponder.  Not only are the views on the way up to the airfield quite incredible, but once you are there, you feel as if you are perching on top of the world, sharing a secret with only a select few.  Sitting outside on one of the benches, practically on the airstrip itself, with a hot mug of tea and an almond slice, you can forget about almost everything and immerse yourself into the world of sheepskin jackets and propellors.  It never ceases to amaze me that such a tiny, grassy airstrip can be such a buzzing place of people, planes, microlights and helicopters.  In just an hour, we must have watched at least 10 take offs and landings, with the requisite whoops and gasps and ‘crikey that was close’!

Although we had a little mishap with the little old car (something seized and she refused to start, even after a kind aeroplane engineer leant us some WD40), we left feeling windswept but invigorated, and on the whole, had had a fantastic afternoon!

See you there next Sunday?

chocks away



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