Be Brutal | Pruning

be brutal

… these plants benefit from harsh treatment …

I have never been one to be afraid of going a little cutting crazy in the garden. It was surely all going to grow back wasn’t it? Well, I was partially right and I must apologise to the plants that this mentality disagreed with, but also reassure them that they have made great compost.

An Autumnal hard prune is usually necessary for most plants and shrubs to avoid them getting rangy and to minimise frost damage during the winter. However, a mid-growing-season prune can also be like a ‘refresh button’ for varieties such as scabiosa, rose species, most herbs and geraniums.  I was amazed to see plants, that I had given an end of summer haircut, sporting a new mass of growth which had also encouraged re-flowering even in late September.

So take heart if you are worried about some drastic snipping. It’s time to brave it up and make friends with the secateurs (or in my case, garden shears)!

snip snip2


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