Heavenly Houseplants | Mimosa

mimosa 1

Over the last few months I have been growing some mimosa plants from seeds. I had no growing instructions, so tried as best I could to mimic their preferred tropical habitat. 

…and boy did they grow fast?! 

They remind me of the scenery you would find on deserted islands, all frondy and green. Until night-time, when they resolutely fold up their leaves as if to say ‘excuse me, I’m done for the day.’

Now these little seedlings are now mini-trees with long water-seeking roots. They love a quick draining soil, watering every few days while allowing the soil to dry out completely in-between and a good level of humidity. 

I think I have repotted (since sowing in March) about 4 times! 

They make the most perfect conservatory plants – eek – and I have about eight! Jungle decor here we come!

mimosa 2



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