Crochet Bobble Headband | Free Pattern

crochet headband

The weather has taken a strange turn from sunshine and heatwaves to squally winds and downpours.

Although the garden is breathing a huge sigh of relief, early morning and late evening walks have a slight chill to them and it got me thinking about hats…

… yes I know it’s crazy to even contemplate woolly headwear when it’s still 22 degrees in the daytime…

…but you know me, I like to be prepared!

So, on the most blustery and thundery of days, I decided to crochet a headband. One that would keep my ears toasty warm when Autumn starts approaching, but wouldn’t be as sweltering as wearing a fully-headed-hat!

I don’t know if this is your thing, but I will include a rudimentary pattern, if anyone fancies a try…

(Please be kind, this is my very first attempt at writing anything like a crochet pattern… eek…)


Crochet Bobble Headband – using UK terms…

Made with Stylecraft Special DK (Colour 1: Plum, Colour 2: Aster, Colour 3: Grape) and a 4mm hook.

I started with a foundation chain of 86 using colour 1. It took a while to get the correct size (snug but not so tight I would start seeing stars)! I joined with a slip stitch to the first ch, taking care not to twist the chain.

Round 1: ch1 (mark this with a stitch holder) dc.

Round 2: Moss stitch (dc, ch1, skip a stitch, dc, ch1, skip a stitch..etc).

Round 3-5: Continue with the moss stitch, ensuring that each dc goes into the ch space that you have made on the previous row. Fasten off at the end of round 5 and switch to colour 2.

Round 6 – 8: Continue with the moss stitch. Fasten off at the end of round 8 and switch to colour 3.

Round 9: Continue with the moss stitch. Fasten off at the end of round 9 and switch back to colour 1.

Round 10 & 11: Continue with the moss stitch. Fasten off at the end of round 1 and switch back to colour 2.

Round 12 – 16: Continue with moss stitch. At the end of round 16, I made a slip stitch into the first stitch of the previous row before fastening off.

Tidy in all of the ends before you start your bobbles!


For the bobbles, choose one of the colours that you like best and continue to use the same hook:

Start with a magic loop.

Round 1: 8 htr into the loop, join the ring with a ss and pull the loop tight.

Round 2: ss into every other stitch (to close the bobble).

Tidy in one of the ends of each bobble, leaving the other for sewing in and fastening to your headband.

I hope I did ok with the instruction-writing! 



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