Dip-Dye Effect | Flowerpot


So I have this be-au-ti-ful fern (a blue star fern) and I felt that it needed a bit of showing off…

…its regular pot wasn’t doing it justice.

I have seen lots of incredible pictures of dip-dye pots on pinterest and thought that I could have a go to rustle one up for myself.

The whole project was pretty quick to do and the only boring bit was waiting for the paint to dry sufficiently.

Look at the fern now… doesn’t he look happy?!

two-tone 2

I started with a terracotta pot and painted it all over in one colour.  It then needed a second coat as terracotta-bits were still showing through. Once it had dried very well overnight, I masked off the bottom section of the pot with light-sticking masking tape. Using a contrasting colour, I painted the lower part of the pot (this needed two coats too).

Peeling off the masking tape was exceedingly exciting and I was so happy with the results!

The pot and fern are now sitting in the bathroom, looking very pleased with themselves!


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