Celebrate Easter With An Easy DIY Bee House

Bee House

Happy Easter!

To celebrate the warm springtime weather we’ve been having… I had a go at making some new bee houses.

These little hole-filled boxes provide safe sites for lots of insects, especially solitary bee species, who love to lay their eggs in the pre-drilled tunnels.

Using some spare wood, I drilled holes using a 7mm drill bit to about 6 cm in depth. I fixed a small bracket to the back, so that they could be securely hung outside.

In order that they looked extra smart, I painted the sides and a border in Farrow & Ball’s Pigeon. I took care not to get paint anywhere near the holes, as although this paint is very low in fumes and nasty bits, I didn’t want to take any chances.

As soon as I start to see little leafy/muddy stoppers in the end of the holes, I’ll know that the bees have started laying their eggs.

If you want to know more about these bees and their habits, have a read here…

The Garden Smallholder – Mason Bees

Inspiration Green – Insect Hotels


6 thoughts on “Celebrate Easter With An Easy DIY Bee House

  1. I love your bee house, natural and rustic which I think is lovely. We have made some this way too (but not as lovely as yours) and also used bamboo sticks in a box, they’re great DIY projects and so easy to do. Mason bees are showing interest again now, I hope your box is occupied soon. Thanks for linking 🙂

    1. Thank you! I love the houses with bamboo sticks too, but I was trying to replace some older drilled woodblocks that the woodpecker had demolished. The poor bees were inspecting every hole but none were to their liking! I thought some new, smart ones might tempt them… 🙂


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