Relaxation by the Water

floating forget-me-not

{forget-me-not flower floating amongst the Lemna}

I have been pondering a section of the garden that is in need of a bit of a re-design.

In order to create a plan, I had to consider what I really value in this part of the garden…

…and yes, I want clever seating, storage ideas, mixtures of flooring…

…but the most important thing is water.

I have to have water featured somewhere.

There is nothing more relaxing (for me) than seeing light that has bounced off the surface of the pond, being reflected on the leaves of the surrounding plants. I adore searching for new plants and animals that have seemingly come from nowhere and made this patch of water their home. I am mesmerised by the dangling roots of the duckweed that thrives, just from sitting on the surface.

water boatman

{graceful water boatman}

So, whether it be a rill, a large bird bath or a koi pond… I’m not yet sure, but I am certain that I will only be able to create that ‘happy place’ in the garden with water nearby.



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