Lithops – From Seedlings To Stones

Lithop seedlings

{baby lithops – 3 months old}

Lithops (or Living Stones) are the most mesmerising plants ever…

…and boy do they fly out of the Finca fast?!

Adapted to mimic stones in their native South Africa, these plants have very few requirements.  All they need is bright, indirect light, free-draining soil and the odd water now and again (by odd, I really mean not very often, at all).

There are many varieties and come in different colours, shapes and sizes. They produce at least one new leaf pair a year and usually a beautiful daisy-like flower in the Autumn.


{adult lithops}

One thing is for sure, these plants are certainly not boring…!


14 thoughts on “Lithops – From Seedlings To Stones

  1. I have been fascinated by these plants ever since seeing them as a child… they are truly amazing. I’ve never thought to grow them from seed… are the seeds commercially available or do you collect your own?

    1. Aren’t they incredible? If you have adult plants, you can collect seeds after they have flowered. However, I think it is probably much easier to buy them – there are a few very good ebay sellers of mixed seeds. Lithops take a very long time to mature but are not particularly demanding seedlings! Good luck! 🙂

  2. Nice! and the nurseries here in New Mexico, USA carry both the plants and the seeds. The bonus is that they’re not considered invasive (so many plants around here are.) I may have to check that out.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and for leaving a comment. I expect you can probably grow most of my favourite succulents in New Mexico as I think many of them originate from your part of the world. Let me know how you get on if you do decide to get some Lithops.

      1. I should have mentioned that I found my way to your blog through The Snail of Happiness. I’ll let you know about the Lithops. ^_^ Decisions, decisions…

  3. I live in Cape Town (South Africa) and never knew what these fat little stony guys were called! I have a few succulents in my garden now, but today made a point of buying two Lithops at the Kirstenbosch Annual Plant Fair. And when I can manage to locate my camera’s usb cable, I;ll post pics…. they are stunning 🙂


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