A Houseplant With Serious Attitude – The Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Leaf

Fiddle Leaf Fig leaf

Now there’s a tricky thing to say quickly.

Last week, I finally succeeded in my hunt for the houseplant to beat all houseplants…

…the Fiddle Leaf Fig.

With its big, beautiful leaves showing road-map like veins, it brings a sense of jungle architecture into the home.  Apparently not recommended for the houseplant ‘beginner’ – possibly due to our tendencies, as humans, to either over-fuss or completely neglect plants in our care.  However, given a good amount of indirect light, a weekly water (of about 2 cupfuls) and the occasional mist, this plant doesn’t require much else…

…and boy does it make an impact?!

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Trees seem to be available in 3 sizes (approx. 70cm – 120cm in height) with prices ranging from around £20 – £80.  They can either be branching (several stems coming from the pot) or as a single stem, which gives the more usual tree-like look.  Trees can be displayed singly, as focal points to add interest to the corners of rooms or used in pairs to frame an arch, doorway or fireplace… just don’t let it get too dry or hot… this guy likes a humid environment.

To see some truly beautiful examples take a look at these posts:

Gardenista – Considering the Fiddle Leaf Fig

The Fiddle Leaf Fig and I

Great advice on care from Purity Plants


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